Top 10 Foods To Avoid While Dieting

If your like majority of the population that cant eat an enjoyable meal without gaining lb after lb…Than this is a must read blog!!! I will show you the top 10 absolute worse foods to eat while dieting!

1. index
Soda. If you drink regular soda, then this is aimed directly at you. While it’s not technically a food to avoid while dieting, it still counts because it’s loaded with so many empty calories in the form of sugar. These types of simple sugars can dramatically spike blood sugar levels putting your body in a fat storage mode. Plus, most of the 20-ounce bottles we tend to consume are actually TWO servings, and most of us don’t realize that.

2. soup
Cream Based Soups. Soups can be diet-friendly, but cream-based soups, like cream of broccoli or cream of chicken, are fatty and are also loaded full of sodium. Repeat: cream based soups are definitely foods to avoid while dieting… but soups with a clear broth are usually fine. Unless they’re loaded with pasta.

3. cake
Desserts. No, dessert itself isn’t a food to avoid while dieting. But eating an entire serving of dessert, every day, is something to avoid. Don’t feel you have to deprive yourself, but remember, this is, after all, a diet.

4. milk
Whole Milk. Milk is tasty and is also loaded with vitamins and minerals we all need… but for the sake of your diet, avoid whole milk and opt for skim or 2% instead. Some brands even offer a 1% or a half-percent option, too. Whole milk is loaded with fats…which fats are the most caloric-ally dense macro nutrient, which are more apt to push you over your calorie goal for the day. 1 g fat = 9 calories.

5. cheese
Cheese. I add cheese to everything, because I’m a firm believer that cheese can make almost anything better. But since it’s wise to avoid fatty foods while dieting, I forget the cheese… most of the time. On the other hand if cheese is a must have food then choose reduced-fat cheese instead.

6. cond
Calorie Adding Condiments. Did you know condiments, like ketchup and mayonnaise, can add hidden calories to even the most diet-friendly foods? It’s okay to have them once in a while, but either add them to your list of foods to avoid while dieting, or at least count the calories they are bringing to your healthy meals.

7. f
Anything In A Box. Most prepared foods that come in boxes (with the exception of some whole-grain breakfast cereals) are loaded with nasty chemical preservatives, fat, sodium, sugars and other unwanted calories.

8. cannned
Anything In A Can. Also, for the same reason can be said for anything that comes in a can. For example, canned ravioli, some canned soups, even canned or jarred pasta sauce. If you’re not sure, check the label and make your decision based on that.

9. fried
Fried Foods. I know, I know, this might be a no-brainer, but I had to include it because my niece insists that friend tomatoes, fried cauliflower and fried mushrooms are healthy, and don’t count as a food to be avoided while dieting. Um, no. Anything fried is NOT a diet food. End of story.

10. fast
Fast Foods. With few exceptions (like some Subway sandwiches), most fast food is the exact polar opposite of diet food. Avoid it. Truly. It’s loaded with fat, sugar, and other calories you just don’t need. In fact, one fast food meal can actually equal ALL of the calories a dieter is supposed to consume in one day! I’ve done that plenty of times 🙁 With so many foods to avoid while dieting, how will you ever diet with any success? You know there are so many healthy, diet-friendly alternatives… so try those instead, and get ready to fit back into those skinny jeans! Which of these foods to avoid surprised you? Which did you already ditch? I want everyone’s input!

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